We ……..recognized right away that KWC’s years of expertise in the realm of special dietary needs would help take our allergen program to the next level by delivering a rigorous and thorough kitchen audit. As an objective third-party auditor, KWC helps us ensure that we are safeguarding ingredients through every step of the process.

Jessica Tones, Carnegie Mellon University

Launched in 2017, Kitchens with Confidence (KwC) is an external accreditation/certification business. Serving great food in an accredited location will deliver confidence to those with special dietary needs. We are experts in food allergies, intolerance, sensitivities and celiac disease and on how to keep a kitchen safe. Be a leader in the industry by certifying your food products and facilities today.

We work primarily with:

  • College & University Dining Facilities
  • Foodservice Establishments
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Bakeries
  • Country Clubs
  • Manufacturers

What does the “Certified Free From™” seal mean?

Certified Free From Seal
A product or location displaying this seal is “Certified Free From™” the big 8 Allergens
Certified Free From Tree Nuts and Peanuts
A product or location displaying this seal is “Certified Free From ™” Peanuts & Tree Nuts

Gluten-Free Certification is also available at the same time. KwC Certified Gluten-Free Seals are available in 3 colors to coordinate with your branding and are trademarked. Any use of our seal is prohibited without certification by Kitchens with Confidence by MenuTrinfo, LLC.

Certified Gluten Free by KwC™

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Kitchens with Confidence makes every effort to ensure improved access to allergen and gluten-free options by recognizing and providing certifications to establishments that go above and beyond. KwC offers hands-on review and analysis of your food service operation from loading dock to table top.

In the past years, Kitchens with Confidence completed these audits in conjunction with FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education). We anticipate those with special dietary needs will first look for accreditation prior to dining anywhere.

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MenuTrinfo provides certified menu labeling nutritionals for compliance with FDA regulations. This includes accurate nutritional facts for your menu items, nutritional review, full menu labeling, and government compliance consultation.


AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo was born when CEO, Betsy Craig, saw a growing need for food allergy and gluten free training and awareness within our food service industry. It has developed into a wide variety of training options.