/ Food Allergy Kitchen Audit

Driving from the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Airport through the magnificent Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, my stomach swirled with butterflies of excitement. I was on my way to Indian Head Camp (IHC) which, in my mid-twenties, would be the first summer camp I would attend.  It was like I had just walked on to the set of the 1998 movie drama Parent Trap.  Nostalgic childhood images of songs by the campfire, tug-o-war, silly skits, canoeing in the lake, and creating lifelong friendships surfaced in my imagination. The staff gave me the warmest welcome and the energy was vibrant and colorful. Memories of past year’s artwork decorated the walls. Adventure was in the air.

The real reason I was there was not to spend seven weeks living a childhood dream; I was there to train the staff and audit their kitchen. IHC has been dedicated free from peanuts and tree nuts for the last 15 years. This year, the dining facility had been expanded. This allowed them to create a separate designated space where gluten-free and other special dietary meals could be safely prepared. The staff is truly dedicated to providing safe food for all campers and diners.  The kitchen audit I performed included an extensive review of the front of house, back of house and current policies of the camp. IHC received an audit passing score! Their certification states that the kitchen has a specific space in which to prepare gluten free food, and that the entire camp is free from peanuts and tree nuts.

It was very humbling to spend just a little bit of time there and feel the magic of Indian Head Camp. The entire staff was friendly, knowledgeable and truly compassionate about what they do. Provide a nurturing, fun and most importantly safe home for children to spend their summer. Here at Kitchens with Confidence by MenuTrinfo, we are proud to approve Indian Head Camp as having a kitchen free from peanuts, tree nuts and gluten. Parents can take great comfort in the fact that their children will receive safely prepared meals while enjoying a great summer adventure at IHC.