By Betsy Craig, Founder and CEO of MenuTrinfo®, LLC

I may in fact be the very luckiest CEO that ever lived! I get asked to do the coolest things and this story/post is about one of them recently.  About 3 years ago I launched a division of my company (MenuTrinfo®) that is known as Kitchens with Confidence™ (we call it KwC for short).  The main job of KwC was to conduct in-person audits of kitchen areas or entire dining facilities that want to be “Certified Free From™” any or all of the Big 8 allergens. We then confirmed that all efforts humanly possible are taking place to deliver confidence to the food allergic and GF diner. We would share this good news through our seal/certification within the facility.  

A little background in this project began a few years ago, not long after we began KwC, when we got a call from the most wonderful lady from Mulay’s, Loree. Even with the phone line between us, I could tell she was over the top passionate about the sausage and meat products she made from family recipes and she let us know that all of her products were in fact, free from the big 8 allergens already. She assured us they always had been and always would be.  We had only completed one certification on one product line/bakery up to that point but to be honest, her heart and love for her craft won us over. 

Delivering Confidence through our “Certified Free From™” is the gold standard for colleges universities and now also great food products.  We were going to be heading to the Texas plant where the products were made and get to see all things Mulay’s.  Having Loree and her team add our seal to her great products was one of the best days in business for me.  It is an honor and a privilege to be connected.  

Now to bring you to this great activity for me, a passionate CEO, whose main mission in life is to protect lives and health through MenuTrinfo®.  A few months ago, I was asked if I would be willing to make up a family recipe of my own using Mulay’s products and share about it. Yes, you bet I jumped at the chance. I am a fan of Mulay’s products having tasted the brats, breakfast sausage and (even though I think I make the best meatballs in the world), Mulay’s meatballs give me a run for my money.  

I decided to use a new product for me. I took on the mild Italian sausage and incorporated it into my meatball recipe. The largest challenge for me is quantities. I don’t cook or make food using many measuring devices. I also don’t know how to cook just for me and my husband, so we give to friends… I’m Italian, it is just how I roll.

Check out my meatball recipe using Mulay’s sausage!

2 ½ lbs. 90/10 ground angus beef

24 oz Mulay’s Mild Italian Sausage

Garlic, a lot of diced garlic (I’d say 4 big bulbs diced)

1 cup GF Breadcrumbs

A few tbsp of olive oil (I used some I brought back from Italy!)

Dry basil, (lots of basil)

Oregano (about ½ the amount of basil)

Pink Himalaya Salt (to taste)

After rolling this mixture into meatballs, I cooked them in oil and then drowned them in homemade tomato sauce (gravy) that started on the stove 8 hours before.  Now if I could I would have tried to cook with lard but the guilt that comes with is just not worth it.

What’s great about meatballs is you can use them in a bunch of different recipes. I put together a simple meatball open-faced sub that first night which was delicious. The next night I sliced the meatballs and made a delicious baked ziti using the same red sauce. Seriously, these meatballs are delicious!   

The combination of 3 generations in the recipe married with Mulay’s delicious sausage made me feel like we were being watched down upon with love from above.  I can hear my Nonna saying, “add a little more garlic in here” with her broken English and thick Italian accent. That woman could cook I tell you; she was amazing! See why I am so lucky? I get to relive such great memories. You should as well my friends!

So, that’s what cooking with Mulay’s Sausage has done for me this weekend during quarantine.  While I’m in the house, watching what is happening to so many I love in Italy I am able to pay tribute to my heritage cooking with this delicious sausage. I’m keeping faith that all will be well, and the world will come out again one day soon. Until then, I hold my beloved town of Fondi, Italy and Norcia, Italy in my heart and cook with the spirit of my Italian roots. I hope you have a blast cooking with the delicious Mulay’s products and am sending love across the miles to each of you! Enjoy treating yourself, your family, your diners, your students, and all your diners to Mulay’s, what I consider to be the best sausage in the business!