• Is a Kitchens with Confidence audit similar to a health inspection audit?

    Some aspects of the audit itself are similar, however Kitchens with Confidence audits and services are voluntary while health inspections are mandatory. A KwC audit is encouraged for any establishment that feels they have gone above and beyond when catering to guests with allergens, any establishment that seeks verification of their current efforts, or any establishment that requires additional assistance in fine-tuning their allergen protocol.

  • The word audit is pretty threatening to a food service establishment. How do you view your services?

    Kitchens with Confidence is as much an advocate for their foodservice clients as they are for the diner with special dietary needs. KwC strongly views itself as a partner, and not the iron fist, of the food service industry. Each audit we perform is done with the goal to create winners, not losers. Our intention is always to promote success while providing opportunities for improvement.

  • I have a dedicated space and have successfully completed an audit through Kitchens with Confidence. How can I display my efforts?

    A certified establishment or space will be provided with the audit report as well as a certificate of audit, which will display the name of the establishment, the area certified, the KwC certification seal, and the certified free from logo. The logo will depict the allergens that the facility has been found to be free from. The facility should proudly display their certificate of accomplishment in or near the area that has been certified.

  • Can I receive a Kitchens with Confidence Seal of Audit and Certified Free from Logo if I do not have a dedicated space?

    No. The Kitchens with Confidence Seal and Certified Free from Logo will only be granted to establishments that have a dedicated facility or space as these images dictate that allergens are not in the immediate area. However, an establishment that uses a shared space for allergen-free and allergen-containing food prep and storage can still receive an audit, report, and consulting services to back up their efforts.

  • What is the cost of a Kitchens with Confidence certified free from audit or KwC consulting services?

    Costs are dependent upon services provided. Travel expenses are billed separately. Contact us at info@MenuTrinfo.com for more information.

  • How long does certification last?

    Establishments who wish to maintain their accredited status with Kitchens with Confidence must be audited and certified on an annual basis.