If you are a manufacturer and looking to have your products certified and use our “Certified Free From™” accreditation seal, call or email us today. We have auditors across the US, Mexico and soon Asia, who are ready to visit you and make your products “Certified Free From”™. More CPG Brands being added weekly.

Allies Gluten Free

Allie’s GF Goodies Born from motherly love, Allie’s GF Goodies provides exceptional sweet (and savory) baked treats for those who would typically miss out. Imagine never being able to taste challah French toast? Thanks to Allie, that is no longer a concern for those who avoid gluten, legumes, and dairy. All of her products are made in small batches, so you know the quality is guaranteed and the freshness of the ingredients she uses are apparent at first taste. You won’t be able to resist going back in for a second bite.

Barney Butter Newly Certified as Peanut Free. “Our California almonds are grown right in our own back yard in Central Valley , California and then processed in our own 100% peanut free and certified organic facility. We use only the finest quality ingredients, including organic and fair trade when possible. All of our Barney Butter products are peanut free and gluten free, and all but Honey + Flax are Non GMO Verified. We make all of our artisan, small batch almond butters in our state of the art facility and package them for you in #1 PET, recycled jars, which are BPA Free.” To Barney Butter Website

Brookie's Cookies

Brookie’s Cookies Guests to Brookie’s Cookies in Brooklyn are encouraged to have a minimum of three courses. No, I’m not talking about a soup or salad followed by some gnocchi or a steak and finished off with a piece of cheesecake. I’m talking about cookies followed by cookies and finished off with cookies. All of Brookie’s Cookies come in three different sizes so you can spend some time with an old favorite or get a sample of each and every delightful flavor.

EgunsiFoods Coming Soon..

Mompops was founded by the mother and son team of Sandra and Issa Ostrander, with the goal of creating a healthy treat that everyone could enjoy. The ice-pop is an American classic dating back to 1905. It’s a treat that generates a smile and brings to mind fun and carefree times. We wanted to recreate that feeling with a healthy twist! 

Mulay’s Sausage With centuries-old recipes and Sicilian tradition as a backbone, you know you’ve got something good. Having such strong roots haven’t bound them. They are known to have the most excellent chorizo and also have produced a bratwurst that will take you straight to Oktoberfest. Every product from this women-owned company can also boast being “Certified Free From”™ the Top 8 allergens and Gluten.

Since its founding, SmartyPants has always followed safe manufacturing processes to ensure its products are allergen-free. However, as food allergies continue to become more prevalent, they requested third-party verification to ensure the safety of their customers. KwC was deployed to certify that the SmartyPants products are free from the top 8 allergens and gluten, and in early 2020 the process for certification began. Auditors from the KwC team visited and completed in-depth audits at SmartyPants facilities across the country. The audits reviewed every step of the process in their manufacturing plants, and were easily streamlined, as many of their facilities are completely allergen-free and offer very detailed allergen control plans.

Peace of Mind is the answer to the cravings of celiacs and vegans everywhere. Owner Nancy Plante started making gluten-free and vegan muffins in her home kitchen to satisfy her desire for sweet treats. It was her compassion that led her to expand from her home kitchen and share her gift with more than just her neighbors. Why settle? Find a Peace of Mind muffin and feel satisfied again.

Red Plate Foods Red Plate makes baked goods that are vegan and free of the top 8 food allergens (gluten/wheat, dairy, peanut, tree nut, soy, egg, fish, and shellfish) in a dedicated facility located in Bend, Oregon. Their products can be found in the fresh bakery departments of retail grocers in the Western United States and are also available through Sysco to foodservice operators. If you would like to check out their products, you can visit https://redplatefoods.com

Senza Gluten Bakery There is no sampling when it comes to Chef Jemiko’s gluten-free baked goods. The only option is to devour everything you are offered with vigor. Anyone who has had the privilege to try one of his cakes would swear it was better than any cake they had tasted before, gluten-containing or not. Is it that famous New York City water that residents claim makes the best pizza dough and bagels? Chef won’t say, but after experiencing his passion and precision first-hand, we think there’s a little more to it than just the water.

The Difference Baker is a Bakery, Bistro and Shared Kitchen Space in Loudoun County, Virginia.  The concept was born out of faith, love, and hope for a future for families dealing with dietary restrictions.  Their mission is to provide a safe environment for those who suffer from immune diseases, food allergies, and intolerances.  Their facility is not only dedicated gluten-free but it is peanut, tree-nut, and soy-free too! 

If you try a sweet potato fry from Trinity Frozen Foods, you’ll know you’re trying something special. Every step of their process is geared to produce the best possible product. From selecting fresh sweet potatoes grown on local farms, to running the blanched potatoes through two drying cycles and coating with a delicate batter, you are guaranteed a quality, crispy fry that is also allergen-free.