Many of today’s establishments are “free from” one or more of the big 8 allergens. Now there is a national standardized way to share that “free from” status with the Kitchens with Confidence’s (KwC) “Certified Free From” seal and certification.

We offer full-service audits that are designed to examine standard operating procedures, policies, and quality assurance within food service operations. Upon successful completion of an audit, we will certify that your products and facilities are free from Gluten, Peanuts, Tree-nuts, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, Milk and Wheat based on the program you select. You can then convey to your diners that you offer certified allergy-free food.

We make every effort to ensure improved access to allergen and gluten-free options by providing certifications for your products. “Certified Free From” logos signify quality and give customers confidence that your products have been verified by outside food and nutrition experts. Take the work out of label reading and let consumers know that you are on their side and have done the due diligence for them.

We offer specific logos to show your customer information about your certified allergy-free food.

Certified Free from the big 8 allergens

This Logo shows the consumer that the product is “Certified Free From” all big 8 allergens

Certified Free from tree nuts and peanuts

This Logo shows the consumer that the product is “Certified Free From” peanut and tree nut

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